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Hiolani Meditation

Dr. Matt carries a lineage of Huna that was taught to his father by Poppa Bray in Kailua Kona. One of the techniques from the Bray family is that of the Hiolani meditation. 

Hio means to lean upon and Lani can mean literally the heavens.  However, as Poppa Bray described this, what you're truly doing is leaning upon the highest level of who and what you are in your experience of existence. So rather than thinking of it as the heavens as in a specific location or place, realize that the Hiolani meditation is a process that allows you to lean upon and gain guidance from that which is above. That can mean the heavens, higher self, Aumakua, a guardian spirit or whatever fits into your model or belief.  It assists you in gaining a calmness and centeredness that many people seek in their lives.  We realize there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of ways out there to meditate.  This is one that Dr. Matt found to be very transformative.

Because this audio contains closed eye, guided meditations and visualizations, we recommend that you listen to it in a safe, comfortable environment. This is not intended for use while driving a car or doing any other activity.