Accelerated NLP Master Practitioner Online Course

Learn NLP Master Practitioner level techniques with world-renowned Master Trainer of NLP, Dr. Matt James, at your pace, without being in a classroom.

The Accelerated NLP Master Practitioner Online Course* was created to teach NLP master-practitioner level techniques without being in a classroom.  Filmed during our live training to give you the experience of being in the classroom with world-renowned Master Trainer of NLP and founder, Dr. Matt James along with the expert trainers at Empowerment, Inc.  

This course includes:

  • Nearly 40 Hours of high-quality Video Instruction recorded from a Live Training and taught by Dr. Matt James, NLP Master Trainer and Owner of Empowerment, Inc., along with the expert trainers at Empowerment, Inc.  
  • 7 modules with 48 Video Lessons
  • Video Demonstrations of the change techniques
  • Exercise instructions for practice
  • Complete PDF Manual, including scripts, to optimize your learning
  • On-demand access to be able to watch or listen anytime
  • Fully accessible on our App to access on your phone or favorite device! The “Integrative NLP & Huna with Dr. Matt James” App is available in both the Apple and Google Stores.

During this course, you will learn:

  • Quantum Healing Techniques through language and other methods
  • Advanced language patterns for conversational change
  • Changing and enhancing motivations and decisions
  • Aligning values and beliefs for top achievement
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Basis of personality
  • How to create new techniques in the moment
  • Finding agreement with anyone
  • Using humor to scramble patterns
  • Recreating and modeling excellence
  • Energy + Mind + Body Integration
  • How to never lose an argument ever again
  • Basis of Long-Term Change
  • Presentation Skills

NLP Master Practitioner Techniques Include:

  • Sleight of Mouth
  • Quantum Linguistics
  • Values
  • Meta Programs
  • Basis of All Techniques
  • NLP Negotiation Model
  • Advanced Presuppositions
  • Logical Levels of Therapy
  • Modeling
  • Prime Concerns

This course is for you if:

  • You have learned NLP Practitioner Level teachings and you are ready for more!


  • You are enrolled for a Master Practitioner live training, and you want to begin to become familiar with the information to deepen your experience when you attend in person.


  • You've taken the live training and you want to have access to the information anytime you want. After all, repetition is the mother of all skill.

People who have taken this training include:

  • Doctors, Nurses, Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Business Owners, Teachers, Real Estate Agents, Leaders, Psychologists, Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists, Executives, Engineers… Everyone!

REFUND POLICY: This course is not eligible for a refund.

*This Accelerated NLP Master Practitioner Online Course is NOT eligible for NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner Certification, nor does it satisfy the prerequisite for attending Week 2 of the Master Practitioner training. THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THE LIVE, IN-PERSON TRAINING. Certification is granted to students that successfully complete attendance at the live, in-person Accelerated NLP Master Practitioner Certification® Training and pass the certification exam issued by the Association of Integrative Psychology. This Online Course does not include Mental and Emotional Release® nor Hypnosis training, which is included in the live, in-person Week 2 training. 

To learn more about our live certification training, please click here.


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